Here is why we, at The Funding Alliance, are the ideal source for your working capital.

The Funding Alliance has been successfully lending money to small and medium sized businesses since early 2005.

We have worked alongside thousands of businesses from a vast array of industries, providing us with valuable knowledge of nearly every lending situation that could arise. This experience has provided us with the know how to customize and tailor our programs to fit the individual needs of your business.


We are specialists in getting money into the hands of those who have been shut off by traditional lenders.

As you well know, this capital is necessary for the expansion and growth of businesses like yours. Have you been denied by banks or credit unions? Without traditional sources of lending, entrepreneurs like yourself can’t help but feel alienated by a system that has left you in the cold. We can open the door to let you back inside, once again gaining access to the working capital that will take your ideas to the next level.

Working with The Funding Alliance will be an experience unlike any other you've dealt with in the past.

At the Funding Alliance, you aren’t just another application, you’re a new member of our team and as a team we will work together to achieve success for your business. Through our experience and our philosophies we provide customer service unmatched in our industry. We provide each of you with as much personal attention as necessary so as to put you in best possible position to prosper and grow.


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