Why work with The Funding Alliance?

  • Easy and simple pre-approval with extremely high approval rates.
  • Fast Funding: Money will be in your hands within just a few days.
  • It is NOT necessary to process credit cards to obtain working capital.
  • We do NOT require you to switch your current credit card processor.
  • Simple, easy to understand payback terms.
  • Longer payback programs than our competitors (12+ months).
  • Personal guarantees and collateral are not required.
  • We work with businesses from almost every industry.

The Funding Alliance can extend capital to all established businesses in nearly every industry.


We have programs that evaluate your business through your credit card processing statements, banks statements or a combination of both. There is absolutely no need to accept credit cards to work with us. This allows many more business owners to take advantage of our versatile lending programs. In addition to the benefits we’ve already mentioned, these additional factors allow us to partner with you to create individualized programs that will optimize your cash flow.


Our approval rates are extremely high.

Even though you may have been told before that your credit worthiness isn’t going to get you the capital you need, our high success rate will have you on your way to capturing your goals.

We offer terms from 6 to 18 months.

This allows you to select the best option to suit your budget.


Wide funding range

Our funding amounts typically range from $5,000 to 250,000 per location

Fixed or variable payments are available.

Another option that allows you to determine what is best for the cash flow of your business.

Our funding is in your hands within days

after the start of the process.


Personal guarantees or collateral aren’t necessary

to obtain funding from the Funding Alliance.

You have the ultimate freedom of using your funds however you see fit to promote growth within your business.

The new equipment you couldn’t afford could be delivered on Monday.  Need that extra cash for renovations or a new location? That marketing campaign you wanted to star in is now a reality. Funds to pay down tax liens or past due accounts? These concerns and many more are the reason you should be partnered with The Funding Alliance, where we can have your wants and needs quickly turned into realities. How you choose to use your capital to promote growth in your business is entirely up to you.

We will not have to change your credit card processor.

Most of our competitors will require you to switch processors, creating a greater hassle, more paperwork and possibly an interruption of service.

The Process:

The process of getting the money in your hands is incredibly simple and requires little effort. It also moves as quickly as you need it to and will have cash in your hands in just a few days.

Pre approval: To start the process, fill out our no obligation pre-approval application. Once we obtain this, there will be a request for your most recent bank or credit card statements. These will be submitted and then we can then determine how much capital we can extend to your business.

Offers: You will be presented with several offers with varying terms. We will work together to tailor a program specifically for you and your businesses needs.

Acceptance: Once we have tailored a program to fit your business, we simply need you to agree to it. You are now very close to having your capital in your hands.

Funding: The agreed upon sum is deposited in your bank and is yours to use freely within your business. This typically occurs the next day after acceptance.

Now you’re off to achieving your goals, using your cash flow to take your business to the next level. Apply now!


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