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We are so glad we found The Funding Alliance. Being in the construction industry, we’ve been denied loans in the past from companies similar to The Funding Alliance. Most of these firms couldn’t give loans to us because we typically don’t do a lot of credit card transactions. Victory was able to take a look at just our bank statements and get us the new equipment that we needed. The credit card question never even came up.

Ned F.

Des Moine IA

I’ve never dealt with a firm so concerned with customer service and the simple details of finding out how I’m really doing. Since using The Funding Alliance several times, we’ve actually become acquaintances and even though I haven’t been in need their services in the past few years, they still give us a call to check up. Nowadays, we actually talk little about business, but more about “how’s the weather” and “we hope you’re doing well”

Ida L.

Boulder, CO

I’ve owned a profitable restaurant for several years. I’d always assumed that because my credit was good and my financials were in order that I could just go to the bank and get a loan. To my dismay, when I had plans to expand to the space next door to add a second dining area, I was denied all over town. The Funding Alliance doesn’t have the negative image of restaurants like banks do nowadays. The simple process they use had money in my hands in just a few days. I just used them again to renovate the original space.

Sean P.

Conshohocken, PA

A few months ago, it didn’t seem like anything was going right with my business. An aging building, equipment breaking down, tax issues and a few rough patches in volume all had me in a real pinch. Banks didn’t even want to listen to me. Even with my tax lien, The Funding Alliance got me money without really any hassle at all.

Gary P.

Austin, TX

Owning a boutique retail shop in a town that has two seasonal slowdowns isn’t easy when it comes to keeping a steady cash flow. I call Matt every April and September to get me what I need to make it a more comfortable down season.

Janice G.

Burlington, VT

My business just went through a major setback from storm damage. Having to remain closed for a while was a huge inconvenience. Of course insurance is going to cover most of equipment and inventory, the building, etc. No one was giving me an answer on where I get the money to make up for my lost revenue. A friend of ours recommended The Funding Alliance. Was a little skeptical at first, but these guys were a real pleasure to deal with. They were able to provide us enough funding to float while waiting for the insurance guys to do their part. Thanks again.

Robert I.

Hoboken, NJ

I was looking to do some improvement and the city had just approved my roof deck for the restaurant. I knew this was the project I needed to get to the next level, but without enough collateral to get the loan from my bank, I was stuck. The Funding Alliance got it done for me and I’ve been above the competition in more ways than one ever since. I’d recommend working with these guys to anyone.

Scott K

Philadelphia, PA


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